What is Public Health?

Public Health is the science that combines of behavioural, social sciences, biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental sciences, demography, workplace health and safety, prevention of chronic diseases, infectious disease, and psychological problems. It is the ability to apply the knowledge into practice of our daily issues

What do public health practitioners do?

Examining the health status and the influences that is effecting the health of the population, and then applying the knowledge that is required to solve the problem.

How to solve a public health problem?

Definable entities that cause, are associated with, or induce health outcomes. Public health is fundamentally concerned with action and advocacy to address the full range of potentially modifiable determinants of health – not only those which are related to the actions of individuals, such as health behaviours and lifestyles, but also factors such as income and social status, education, employment and working conditions, access to appropriate health services, and the physical environment. These, determinants of health, in combination, create different living conditions which impact on health.

What is Health Promotion?

It is the [A] strategy to improve health at all life stages mentally and physically

  • Advocating and speaking or writing on a particular health issues or cause
  • Analysis examining and evaluating the information, in order to select the best course of practice
  • Assessment using the best method to evaluate the system and the process either using the qualitative or the quantitative components
  • Attitude being comfortable in delivering or explaining the concept to a person or the community
How to raise public health awareness?

Collaboration is the key for raising awareness, the relationship among the different sectors and groups is important way to reach all. Additionally, community participation can use the member of the communities as ambassadors to deliver the message and reach out to all.

How does Determinant of Health establish our health status?

The Social determinant of health examines all the factors that could impact the health of the community, such as:

  • Social and Community Context
  • Neighborhood and Environments
  • Economic Stability
  • Access to Quality Health Care
  • Food Quality and Stability
  • Education
Public Health also depends on the

Equity fairness to the people needs guide the distribution of the opportunities for well-being. Equity in health is not the same as equity in the health status. Factors effect the health status such as economical factors and social causes

Ethics differentiating between the difference in right and wrong and using our morals for any action.

Health protection describes the important activates of public health such as the water purification, sanitation, drug safely and food hygiene.

Information facts, concepts, ideas to be recorder, analyzed and organized for interpretation to be considered in future planning.

Manage health issues and the ways to be solved. Who is responsible and types of the programs and functions.

How to improve public health?
  • Partnership
  • The key to improve the health status is partnerships. Partnering with individuals, groups and organizations, government and private sectors is important for a joint action to reach the same goal which is creating a healthier community

  • Research to develop methods to create solutions for health concerns
  • Value the tradition and social customs to honor individuals in the society
Immunization and vaccination

Learn about immunization and vaccination from preventable diseases


For a better understanding below the types of vaccines and its Medical Ingredients Non-medicinal ingredients illustrated in its simplest way. Photos below is created by Etienne Raimondeau

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